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Floyd Havemeier
Rockford’s Renaissance Man BY TOM RADEMACHER
Photo by Michelle Wise
big red barn behind the farmhouse that features a collection of vintage coffee roasters, grinding machines, displays, signage, and equipment from the early days of the business.
Above: Floyd at age 20 with his father, Herman, on leave from Korea while serving in the Army.
Those two words define the business he created, but also pay homage to his roots, his parents, the way he was raised and the values to which he’s forever embraced.
And while he may not be especially well- known outside the city of Rockford and envi- rons, Floyd and his extended family have cast a friendly footprint that extends to all 50 states and nearly every continent.
In a world besieged by social media that encourages people to click buttons rather than actually talk with one another, Floyd, 82, is a breath of rarified air, never shy to take
the podium and pontificate on anything from the wonder of gravity boxes to the science behind coffee.
He holds court best and most often at Her- man’s Boy headquarters, a 4-acre hobby farm on Northland Drive skirting Rockford’s city limits that he converted into five businesses under one roof — The Bakery & Deli, The Cookery Nook, The Outdoor Cook, the Con- fectionery and The Coffee Ranch. The latter, whose assets Floyd bought out, was founded in Grand Rapids by another family and can trace its origins to 1901. Floyd also is a frequent flyer
If Floyd Havemeier were to bust out a business card worthy
of encapsulating his life so far, it might read “Farmer, historian, antiquities buff, businessman, numbers maven, friend, mentor, Christian, inspirer, arbiter, entrepreneur, lightning rod & marketing guru.” But he’s OK with just this: “Herman’s Boy.”
Top: Floyd is creating a museum in the

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