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Young Archers
in more ways than one.
West Michigan Archery Center
Targets Confidence, Self-Reliance
Brianna Laux has excelled
at the state and national levels.
Rockford Living Magazine 2017/2018
By Tom Rademacher
Regional champions. State champions.
Even national champions – and some ranked among the best in the world – all living right here in Rockford and environs!
But it’s not as likely you’ll discover them through mainstream media, which is more apt to focus on traditional sports like football and basketball and baseball.
Maybe it’s because there’s so much more to archery than racking up the hardware.
That’s what you’ll discover in a trip to the West Michigan Archery Center on the eastern edge of the Art Van Sports Complex at 3500 10 Mile Road NE.
It’s there that scores of youngsters and adults alike participate and compete in archery that not only rewards the quest for perfection with medals and trophies, but instills a work ethic and values like self-reliance that are an antithesis to the Age of Entitlement that has sadly in l- trated so many segments of today’s me-me-me society.
Liam Smith holds two world records.
“We do have a number of archers who are stone-cold killers, and what I mean by that is that they are the ultimate competitors and want to win,” says Josh Zuiderveen, president of WMAC’s board of directors.
“But certainly, we try to strike a balance between striving for ultimate competi- tive excellence, and also encouraging
an overall positive experience.”
So what really goes on “down there,” meaning that large building where pass-
ersby can sometimes spy targets outside to the south of the structure that sport red and yellow bullseyes?
In truth, it’s a mecca for archers that has been a long time in coming, a grassroots effort that cost upwards of $1 million and was put together by grants, fundraising,
Photos by Michelle Wise

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