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“Home Away from Home” for Children at Rainbow Child Care Center
Rainbow Child Care Center is dedicated to providing Rockford-area children ages 6 weeks to 12 years a safe “Home Away From Home” environment – one that fosters developmental growth and encourages a love of lifelong learning!
Known for its commitment to Supporting the Whole Child, Rainbow’s Belmont center helps create continuity for families. The staff works hard to bridge the gap between home and school while supporting a culture that fosters friend- ships, develops healthy beginnings and promotes healthy risk taking.
From their challenging curriculum to innovative enrichment programs, come visit and learn why so many families already call Rainbow their Home Away From Home!
Rainbow Child Care Center
6275 West River Drive NE, Belmont
(616) 361-0890
6277 West River Drive NE, Belmont
(616) 719-1177
Outstanding Daycare and
Preschool Programs at Rockford
Childcare Learning Center.
Rockford area parents looking for a welcoming, inspirational and safe place for their children will  nd what they’re looking for here at Rockford Childcare. With a convenient location and dedicated staff, Rockford Childcare offers one of the area’s best daycare and preschool programs.
Caring teachers work in close collaboration with parents to  nd the best way to care for their child. They help children achieve educational, developmental and spiritual goals for success in life.
Call today – see the difference for yourself at Rockford Childcare. Flexible schedules are available.
Rockford Childcare Learning Center
3233 10-Mile Road, Rockford (Located inside Resurrection Life Church) (616) 866-8500 • Hours: 6:30am – 6pm
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You’re invited to take a tour and explore the perfect setting for your child’s development.
723 Byrne Industrial Drive, Rockford (616) 866-4740 • Hours: 6:30am–6pm (M-F)
WeeFolk Childcare Center –
Creating a great start for your child
WeeFolk Childcare Center is a loving family-owned business that has been an essential part of Rockford for 28 years. The center is proud to be a key part of the health and happiness of Rockford’s most prized treasure – its children. WeeFolk’s caring team partners with families to build a strong foundation for continued learning and growth.
The center is dedicated to providing a rich environment for your child’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Their exceptional dedication has earned Wee Folk a four star quality rating from Great Start! WeeFolk is the only daycare center in Rockford to achieve this top distinction. WeeFolk provides a variety of opportunities for exploration and child- initiative choices. In addition, they provide enrichment programs to further enhance children’s learning experiences, such as musical concepts, Zoo Phonics, Spanish and gymnastics. WeeFolk Childcare Center

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