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Hometown Agents at State Farm Provide Insurance Solutions
Justin Vander Iest
6840 Northway Drive, Suite B2 Rockford
(616) 951-7188
Hours: 9-5 (M-F), or by Appt.
Wayne Richardson
6585 Belding Road NE, Suite E Rockford
(616) 866-4463
Hours: 9–5: (M-F), or by Appt.
Bob Mills
2730 Five Mile Road
Grand Rapids
(616) 363-7731
Hours: 9–5 (M-F), or by Appt.
Rick Koryto
52 South Main Street Rockford
(616) 866-9561
Hours: 9–5 (M-F), or by Appt.
Milon Muir
4235 14 Mile Rd., Suite A Rockford
(616) 866-3020
Hours: 9–5 (M-F), or by Appt.
State Farm has grown to be a respected team of agents in the Rockford area. Agents Rick, Milon, Bob, Wayne and Justin work hard to provide customized insurance solutions based on your needs in any phase of life. State Farm agents have a long history of being involved
in community activities including school, sports boosters, church, civic clubs and other charities.
They pay attention and “Help things go right” with a personalized approach. In good times and bad, State Farm has always followed its founding principle... fairness and doing the right thing for the customer.
In its 95 years in business, State Farm has branched out to offer auto,  re, life, and health policies as well as financial services through the State Farm Bank.
Turn to State Farm and put the home- town team to work for you.
Dedicated to helping Rockford grow and prosper.
Focusing on our community’s legal needs.
Mika Meyers continues to offer Rockford the high-quality legal services a thriving community needs. Rockford residents
JIM SCALES and ANDREA CRUMBACK, provide expertise in estate planning, probate, family law, criminal, personal injury, municipal, real estate, and general business.
Please call (616) 866-5900 today to discuss how our Mika Meyers branch of ce in Rockford can meet your legal needs. Or visit for more information.
Rockford Of ce (616) 866-5900 wmwiwk.aMmikeaMyeryse.rcs.ocmom
We See Opportunity... For You.
When you work with ChoiceOne Bank, you work with a local  nancial partner who understands growth, and is invested in you and your community.
Call Us Today: 616.887.3288 hCtthpso://wicwew.Ochoniceo.nceo.cmom
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