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Specialty Care of the Eyes and Trendy Frames at Rockford Family Eyecare
Rockford Family Eyecare’s husband and wife team, Ted and Carrie Sees, are proud to continue to provide high quality, full-scope as well as specialty eyecare to Rockford and surrounding commu- nities. They were honored to receive Rockford Chamber of Com- merce’s “2016 New Business of the Year” award and were featured in Invision Magazine as one of America’s Finest Optical Retailers.
Although the practice provides general eyecare exams, the Sees are especially interested in helping with the under-treated problem of dry eyes. Without relying solely on arti cial tears, their Dry Eye Center uses diagnostic instruments to detect what type
of disease is af icting patients. Therapies range from nutrition advice, medication, tear savers, dry eye contact lenses, pore cleansing to lifestyle counseling. Treatment may include the MiBo Thermo o system. Other treatments include BlephEx – an instrument that helps clean persistent bacteria off the eyelids. Rockford Family Eyecare also specializes in Orthokeratology using contact lenses/corneal molds at night to temporarily reshape the cornea. The goal is to correct nearsightedness and serve as an alternative
to wearing eyeglasses or con- tact lenses during the day. Although Orthokeratology is FDA approved for near- sighted prescriptions only,
the retainers can be customized for other types of prescriptions including farsightedness, astigmatism and even bifocals.
Rockford Family Eyecare carries many high quality frame lines with trendy and artistic styles and shapes. They carry the new “State Optical” frame line, made entirely in the USA. A variety of safety glasses, prescription swim goggles and a large selection of unique sunglasses are also available.
Rockford Family Eyecare DRY EYE CENTER
2745 10-Mile Road, Rockford • (616) 951-7115 • Hours: 8-6 (M), 9-7 (Tu-Th), 9-5 (F), 9-1 (Sat)
Rockford Ambulance:
Serving the Rockford Area
for 49 Years
Serving the community since 1968, Rockford Ambulance
is approaching the 50-year mark. Rockford Ambulance’s mission is to provide the highest quality of care to patients, communities and institutions that they serve. Rockford Ambulance has grown from its original all-volunteer team to a paid on-call and full-time paid professional service. Rockford Ambulance now has a  eet of over 20 vehicles with several stations across Kent County.
Rockford Ambulance is nationally accredited with the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services. Services include advanced community education for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid, Pediatric Advance Life Support (PALS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) as well
as wheelchair transportation, community demonstrations and
medical standbys.
Rockford Ambulance
8450 Shaner Avenue, Rockford
(616) 866-0724 • For Emergencies, call: 9-1-1
ProKarate Rockford
ProKarate Rockford is your  rst choice whether you are looking for Martial Arts, character development, self defense training or functional  tness. Their goal is to provide real world training for all ages, so call today and try your  rst class for free.
ProKarate Rockford
528 Wolverine Street, Rockford (616) 822-5616
Get Allergy
and Asthma Relief!
Vincent Dubravec, MD is board-certi ed in pediatric and adult allergy-immunology, providing comprehensive, personalized care in the Rockford area for over 15 years. He specializes in asthma, nasal/eye, food, sting, skin and penicillin allergies.
Allergy/Asthma Specialists West Michigan
5055 Plain eld Ave. NE, Grand Rapids • (Just off Northland Drive) • (616) 988-8515
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