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Dr. Michael Kelley – Specializing In Expert Foot Care
Your foot health contributes to your overall well-being. Dr. Michael Kelley, DPM, uses his expertise in the  eld of podiatry to keep his patients active in an ever-busy world.
The of ce specializes in medical, orthopedic and/or surgical management for diabetic foot conditions, fractures, sports injuries and many other foot conditions. Due to advancement in technol- ogy, Dr. Kelley is now able to utilize laser podiatry treatment to treat his patients. If you are battling arthritis, tendonitis or plantar fasciitis (heel pain), Dr. Kelley can give you optimum relief for these conditions with this quick, safe, minimally-invasive treatment.
Advanced diagnostic tools allow for optimum care for a circula-
tion problem known as Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). PAD
can lead to loss of limb, so it is of utmost importance to address symptoms such as cramping pain in the legs when walking or while sleeping at night.
Dr. Kelley is well-versed in medical conditions of the foot and is ready to utilize his extensive knowledge to get you back on your feet – and enjoying life.
Dr. Michael Kelley, DPM
6785 Myers Lake Avenue, Suite C, Rockford (616) 874-8772
Family Medicine with YOUR family in mind
Williamson Family Medicine has been caring for patients in northern Kent County for over 20 years. They pride themselves on their access and approach- ability, realizing that a “trip to the doctor” isn’t really the highlight of your day. They strive to ease that concern by diminishing the institutional feel and enhancing your comfort. They understand how to communicate with you and most importantly, how to listen.
Dr. Jeffrey Williamson and nurse practitioner Gretchen Schumacher have created a very comfortable and modern facility with cutting-edge medical technologies while recognizing the need for patient centered medical care. Priority Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan have honored Williamson Family Medicine for its excellence and quality in patient care. The practice has also been recognized by its peers as a “best practice”
by Blue Cross Blue Shield in 2013. Call today and bene t from the
personalized care of Williamson Family Medicine.
Williamson Family Medicine
Jeffrey Williamson, DO
Gretchen Schumacher NP-C, PhD 6785 Myers Lake Avenue, Suite B, Rockford (616) 884-5191•
Cannon Family Dentistry
David B. Fischer, DDS, P.C. • 6785 Myers Lake Avenue, Suite A, Rockford (616) 874-6040 •
High Quality, Hometown Dental Care at Cannon Family Dentistry
Patient safety, privacy, comfort and convenience were the driving forces for the total of ce renovation at Cannon Family Dentistry. Creating room for state-of- the-art sterilization and technology was also a priority. Dr. David Fischer, Dr. Patrick Condit, and their team utilize the most up-to-date digital x-ray equipment, greatly reducing patient exposure. Ceree CAD/CAM technology is also employed, allowing crowns, inlays and onlays to be placed in one appointment.
While the technology and the appearance of the of ce have changed, their patient centered approach is the same. Commitment to providing high quality dental care to their hometown community remains the core value of the practice.
Photos by Michelle Wise
CANNON PROFESSIONAL BUILDING – Caring for You from Head to Toe.

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