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family’s eyes for many years to come,” shares Dr. Carl Stites.
With fashion forward frames from all over the globe, their professionally trained and friendly staff looks forward to helping you  nd the eye- wear option that is right for your unique needs and right for your individual style.
It is easy to see why Stites Eye Care has fast become the place more and more people look to for all of their vision and eye wear related needs.
Comprehensive, Con dent Eye Care
Any eye care provider can give you
a prescription for glasses. At Stites Eye Care, they invest in today’s best technol- ogy to detect eye diseases before vision loss can occur. Patients are pleased
to  nd the highest level of non-surgical eye care available. The daily referrals the practice receives from area physicians for the treatment of ocular conditions
is an undeniable testament to the level of care provided.
One of their newest technologies is the Zeiss OCT instrument which takes a three dimensional MRI of the retina to detect eye disease years earlier than ever before. With over 20 years of exper- ience in glaucoma treatment, diabetic eye care, ocular injuries, trauma and infections, their focus is keeping your eyes in good health.
“Our patients appreciate our utiliza- tion of the latest technology and knowing that we will care for the health of their
Stites Eye Care
6840-A Northway Drive, Rockford
(NW corner of Wolverine Blvd. and Belding Road) (616) 863-2020 •
Rockford Living Magazine 2017/2018
Tired of Masking Your Symptoms With Drugs?
i-Chiro Clinics North
4150 East Beltline Avenue, Suite 3, Grand Rapids (616) 447-9888
i-Chiro Clinics South
6750 Kalamazoo Avenue, Suite K, Grand Rapids (616) 656-1830
i-Chiro Clinics East
6248 28th St., SE, Grand Rapids (616) 288-7999
i-Chiro Clinics West
4555 Wilson Ave., SW, Suite 2A, Grandville (616) 888-3280
Whether it’s headaches, back pain, numbness, carpal tunnel, asthma,  bromyalgia, arthritis, or other concerns that are interfering with the activities you enjoy, i-Chiro can help you restore your function and quality of life.
i-Chiro’s speci c testing can locate weak or damaged areas, even before they start hurting. By identifying these susceptible areas, the focus is on restoring mobility and strengthening the susceptible areas, thereby reducing your chance of injury.
i-Chiro offers manual adjustments and the NASA- inspired computerized adjustments to deliver exact, gentle, painless adjustments.
By combining chiropractic, massage therapy, nutri- tion, detoxi cation, exercise, stretching, hydration, and a dose of motivation, you can be at your Peak Perfor- mance! Give our of ce a call to set up an evaluation
to determine if we can help you.
Photo by Michelle Wise

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