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   RE/MAX UNITED OWNERS, Tom and Tra- cie Rich, know that an intimate knowl- edge of the local real estate market is the key to serving their clients at the highest levels.
“We spend a tremendous amount of time and resources educating our profes- sional Realtors to be the best agents in the
“Our RE/MAX United agents are instructed on how to facilitate a home sale and not to ‘sell’ real estate. The intricacies of home sale have never been more com- plex or with a higher potential for legal or financial risk. Having the guidance of a highly skilled, highly trained Realtor can mitigate the risk to the buyer and seller,”
added Tracie Rich. “When you put a
group of bright people together and give them the tools and knowledge to serve their clients at the highest levels the industry can offer, you are bound to be success- ful” explained Tom Rich.
RE/MAX United was also recognized as a statewide leader in real estate pro- duction per agent, a sign of the collective talent the brokerage has attracted.
“We believe in developing people, whether they’re an agent or a support
member, to the level they aspire to. Inspired, enthusiastic people will go the extra mile to make sure a client has a delightful experience in buying or selling a home” commented Tracie Rich.
Broker/Owners Tom & Tracie Rich were named the 2018 GRAR Broker/Own- ers of the Year, Broker/Owners of the Year in 2013, 2014, and 2105 among other awards the brokers have received from RE/MAX of Michigan. RE/MAX United was named the Rockford Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year in 2013 and a finalist in 2019.
RE/MAX United
28 N. Monroe Street, Rockford (616) 866-5800
 Skilled Realtors with Local
Knowledge = Success for RE/MAX United
   We spend a tremendous amount
of time and resources educating our professional Realtors to be the best agents in the marketplace.
 marketplace. The amount of information available to the consumer is growing by the day and to understand what is import- ant and what is actually true can be very confusing for a home seller or home buyer” said Tom Rich.

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