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i’move – Eliminating the Source and Symptoms of Your Pain
“Move better. Live better.” More than just a clever tag line, the staff at i’move truly lives by the philosophy that the better you move, the better you live.
“Think about how much you move,” says physical therapist and clinic owner, Marty Sytsema. “The more pain you experience in your everyday movement, the more your quality of life goes down. We want to help people attain a better quality of life through treatment that helps people move without pain.”
Every i’move physical therapist has an advanced degree and many have areas of concentration such as running, specialized therapy for golfers, rehab for Cross- t injuries and much more. With six locations around West Michigan including Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Holland, and Spring Lake, i’move now has a location in downtown Rockford.
Their unique brand of care restores patient health from injuries with a cus- tom plan tailored to each individual’s body and speci c needs.
“We treat the whole person on the journey to health,” says Sytsema. “After healing from an injury or rehab after surgery, we have options to help you continue on to a healthy and active lifestyle. That’s why we also offer adult  tness classes and athletic performance training at our Spring Lake and Grand Rapids facilities.”
When you need the best, turn to i’move for an experienced and attentive team to  nd the best solution for your well-being. Call (616) 866-8084, or go to to start your journey to better health or peak perfor- mance. It’s all about moving... all you have to do is take the  rst step.
Physical Therapy
65 S. Main Street, Rockford (616) 866-8084
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