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 Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group Offers Hope and Recovery
ABOUT A YEAR AGO, Jenna was injured in a motor vehicle accident that left her with no feeling or movement from the chest down. She underwent two surgeries to reduce the swelling in her neck and unfortunately the second surgery did not go well, leaving her without function in either hand. Despite this, Jenna did not settle for less. She came to Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group (LBBRG) in October of 2019 seeking neurological reha- bilitation services, to help her achieve func- tional recovery utilizing non-traditional, evi- dence-based methods.
Jenna has remained optimistic with hopes of regaining independence. She currently spends three days a week at LBBRG. She describes her therapy sessions as whole-body rehabilitation, involving walking, standing, and Myndmove, an advanced functional electrical stimulation device for the arms and hands. Since coming to LBBRG, she has regained movement in her hands and is able to sit up nice and tall without assistance, something that is extreme- ly challenging to do when you do not have feeling in your torso. She continues to work hard on her overall endurance and function
in her hands. She works on fundamental tasks while in therapy, and then carries them over at home with activities of daily living, such as baking. LBBRG has an accessible, simulated
home environment that allows individuals to work on functional goals that are practical to everyday living.
On top of Jenna’s full-time job of recovering from a catastrophic injury, she continues to manage her own business — Sweet Stop Bak- ery & Coffee Shop. Despite the challenges, Jenna perseveres. Her advice to others going through something similar — “It’s really hard to do, you have to put your mind to it. Don’t give up, because giving up is the easiest thing to do.” At LBBRG she feels everyone cares a lot and it feels very personal to her.
Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group provides Physical Therapy, Aquatic Thera- py, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Personal Training, and Wheelchair Seating & Equipment Evaluations. If you or someone you know has experienced a spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, or a neurological condi- tion, visit
LIFE BEYOND BARRIERS REHABILITATION GROUP 521 E. Division, Rockford (616) 866-6859
   Keeping YOUR Family in Mind at Williamson Family Medicine
WILLIAMSON FAMILY MEDICINE has been caring for patients in northern Kent County for over 21 years. They pride themselves on their access and approachability, realizing that a “trip to the doctor” isn’t really the highlight of your day. They strive to ease that concern by diminishing the institutional feel and enhancing your comfort. They know how to communicate and how to listen.
Dr. Jeffrey Williamson and nurse practitioner Gretchen Schumacher have created a very com- fortable and modern facility with cutting-edge medical technologies while recognizing the need for patient centered medical care. Priority Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan have honored Williamson Family Medicine for excellence and quality in patient care. The practice has also been recognized by its peers as a “best practice” by Blue Cross Blue Shield.
Williamson Family Medicine is proud to be a part of and contribute to the health of the Rockford area!
Jeffrey Williamson, DO, Gretchen Schumacher NP-C, PhD
6785 Myers Lake Avenue, Suite B, Rockford • (616) 884-5191 •
Gretchen Schumacher NP-C, PhD
Jeffrey Williamson, DO
   Photo by Michelle Wise

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