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 Rogue Skate Shop Keeps One Hand
Planted on Skateboarding’s Roots
BEN GALLAGHER grew up in
San Francisco during skate-
boarding’s first wave; a time
when Thrasher and the Bones
Brigade were just getting start-
ed. He rode that wave to Grand
Rapids in his formative years,
and vividly remembers when Rockford’s first hardcore skate shop arrived on the scene. wheels-a-popular-spot-for-fun-in-every-season.
Ben returned to Rockford as a husband and father of three and quickly noticed that Rockford was no longer home to a skate shop. His shop opened in 2020 in the midst of the biggest boom in skateboarding since the kickflip was invented. Rogue Skate Shop is dedicated to con- tinuing that boom with exceptional, personalized customer service,
and overall knowledge. Rogue Skate Shop is also raising funds to build Rockford’s first permanent skate park.
Stay informed on the skatepark and new skateboard, longboard, and surf invento- ry via Instagram @RogueSkateShop and Facebook.
116 Courtland Street, Rockford
(616) 951-7003
Hours: 12-7pm (M-Sat), 12-4pm (Sun)
Buy Moore Toys & Comics
LOCATED RIGHT ALONG the Dam and White Pine Trail, Buy Moore Toys & Comics wants to be your local collectible toy and comic store. Whether you’re 4 or 104, there’s always something here for your inner child! We are always wanting to buy too. Let us know if you have toys
or comics you’re looking to sell — contact us today!
25 N. Squires Street, Rockford (616) 884-3084
Hours: 11-7 (Tu-F),
11-6 (Sat), 12-5 (Sun)
Stop In and Play Rockford’s Retro Arcade
PINBALL LAND is an all-ages arcade featuring an awesome collection of pinball machines and video arcade games. The best part: there’s no need for quarters! You pay admission and all the games are free to play! Stop in and check it out.
114 Courtland Street, Rockford •
ROCKFORD AREA RESIDENTS looking for a family-owned bike shop, friendly service and the coolest bikes can find what they’re looking for at Rockford Bike Shop. Owners George and Katie have decades of combined bike shop experience with deep roots in the cycling community. The owners and other employee worked at the former bike shop in downtown Rockford.
Rockford Bike Shop is northern Kent County’s only authorized Trek dealer with models for every age and skill level. They also sell the popular Electra bicycle brand. Rockford Bike Shop is a full-ser- vice shop to get those bikes hanging around garages back on West Michigan’s roads and trails.
Stop by today, check out Rockford’s new premier shop, and meet Jackson, Rockford’s official bike hound.
169 Marcell Drive, Rockford • (616) 951-7181 •
       Friendly, Professional Service at Family-Owned Rockford Bike Shop
Photo by Michelle Wise

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